Chairman Message

nagesh Gavali sir

Dear all,
We strive to nurture the youth with constant and consistent learning to understand, research and implement the meaning of Pharmacy in the global scenario, with special emphasis to domestic Indian context. The Pharmacists globally play distinct role, that of assisting the Doctor in prescription to diagnose, thereby being an important link between the Doctor, Patient, Disease and Treatment. We need to focus on the global trend and create Pharmacists with universal appeal, role and status.
Our aim is to produce professional and dynamic young generation who would blossom freely and will accept the career challenges in this fast changing environment.
Keeping this as the yardstick, the educative and informative ambiance of Sarsam College Of Pharmacy aims at creating opportunities for young professionals. It provides and triggers the scientific minds to be abrust with the latest happenings in Science and Technology about Pharmacy and beyond, about all the developments that can change the face of the world, “Pharmaceuticals”.

welcome to sarsam college